The Hoover Dam - Us National historical Landmark

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Our group will be driving from Socorro, New Mexico, all the way up I-25. Maine tree grate Clarke County tree grates supplier We're pretty familiar with the area up to Santa Fe, so we probably won't stop anywhere. Tucson floor drains Doesn't mean I can't shoot from inside the car! Speed up your shutter and shoot beyond the highway, unless you like blurred roads and vegetation.

If an escape from housework, pets, and family is what you need, why not try a local bed and breakfast? There are several in the area that will let you get away while staying close enough for emergencies. Harrisburg bathroom drain cover Bashford Manor is a 1796 Design 3 Architecture Architects. In addition to hosting Abe Lincoln, it was a Thoroughbred farm, home to several Kentucky Derby winners and winner of 2010 Historic Preservation Award. With a giant porch that overlooks the grounds, how can you not find inspiration?

The Castle could be seen during the day but not at night, so in 1781, a light was placed on top of the Castle to illuminate the area and keep night travelers on course. The Castle became the first unofficial lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Portable generator. If you live in a rural area you may wish to invest in a portable generator. "Make sure that the generator you purchase is rated for the power you think you will need," the American Red Cross advises. You should connect the equipment to the generator, not to your home electrical system.

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What needs to be repaired? Gibson Michael Architects Extension Service says items that need repairs or alterations should be put in the "maybe" pile. These items may still be keepers.

Marc Perry Architect Inc. Davidson County bathroom drain cover manufacturer Architects Johnston Architects Architects Houston has the most prolific offense in Division I, averaging 574.1 yards per game to lead the nation. College Station pool deck drain supplier The Cougars' 441.8 passing cards per game also leads the country. UH junior quarterback Case Keenum has completed 387-of-553 passes for 4,599 yards and 36 touchdowns. North Dakota street furniture He leads the nation in passing yards and his 159.15 pass efficiency rating ranks in the Top 10.

Antioch tree grate Arkansas was 3-3 at this point. Were the back-to-back Top 10 caliber performances a fluke? A trip to Mississippi said it might be. (Arkansas lost by 13 to Ole Miss.) But wide-margin wins over South Carolina and Wigodsky & Associates Architects Architects said otherwise.

But, in the case of Arkansas at least, sometimes a five-loss team is pretty darn good. Independence grating manufacturer While the Hogs had a September to forget, things got pretty interesting in Fayettville, when Arkansas blew out then 17th-ranked Auburn only to follow it up with a near upset of then #1 Florida. But for a field goal with nine seconds left, the Razorbacks were set to take the Gators into overtime.

#9 Iowa - #24 Arizona - Another Big 10 - Pac 10 showdown. Raleigh grating supplier See Washington above for my take on the Wildcat's ranking. Both teams stress defense and feature surprisingly efficient offenses (at least in the early going). This one is close early, but Iowa pulls away - 21-13.

No. 24 USC hosts UCLA in the 79th edition of the famous crosstown rivalry. Not only is postseason positioning at stake, but so are year-long city bragging rights, possession of the Victory Bell and key points in the Crosstown Gauntlet standings. It's a rare night meeting between the Trojans and Bruins (in fact, it's the series' second latest start time ever) and the first time in 30 years that the game is being held on Thanksgiving weekend. Troy has a 30-game winning streak at home at night. San Bernardino floor grate supplier Both teams will don their home jerseys. USC is looking to sweep its traditional rivals in 2009, after posting a win at Notre Dame last month.