The Four Most Common Areas Invaded By Raccoons

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that have a reputation of wreaking havoc, and while most of their antics are limited to the outdoors, there are times when they will make their way inside a home and create hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. Even mice removal located in a city may encounter raccoons, and one of the biggest blunders most people make is failing to have them removed at the first sign of an infestation. The following is a look at four of the most popular areas that raccoons are known to invade and the importance of hiring a professional to remove them.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

Chimneys and fireplaces provide an unobstructed way for smoke and soot to vent outside when burning fires, but they also make it easy for rodents to come inside, as a chimney is often seen as the perfect location to nest by rodents. If a flue doesn't operate properly, it will make it easy for these creatures to come inside. A professional will use a variety of traps to catch the raccoons and will then release them back into the wild, so they are not at risk of moving back in.


Most residential attics have vents that allow hot air to escape outdoors to keep the interior of a home more comfortable. These vents, however, are the perfect point of entry for raccoons. Most homeowners rarely enter their attic, which makes it easy for a raccoon to move in. A professional will remove the rodent and then determine how they gained access to the interior to decide what structural modifications are required to prevent future infestations.

Crawl Spaces

Some homes are not built on a full basement, but instead have a small, narrow foundation that is often referred to as a crawl space. If a raccoon invades this area of a home, they have access to the structural elements and electrical and plumbing components. Raccoons are known for chewing and are capable of producing a severe amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Exterior Structures

Decks and storage buildings are other favorite spots for rodents, as they allow the animal to make a quick exit and most will go unnoticed for weeks or months at a time. These structures are some of the most common locations of raccoon problems, but a professional will make catching and removing them easy. Most will block the area, so there is only one way out, which allows them to trap the animal in a humane cage.

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